A dodgy ‘reno’ could be costly in the long run


Thousands of people across the country are embarking or have embarked on a home renovation project – apparently it’s the thing to do. Forget going to the races (although I’ve been told that’s popular), being in the outdoors or just generally enjoying yourself, immersing yourself in dust, splinters and frustration is where it’s at. Frankly, I blame “The Block”.

So, inspired by television shows that highlight projects that far exceed my abilities, I have become one of these people.  So far my weekends and many weeknights have consisted of smashing many things in my house with a hammer, pulling things off of walls with a crowbar, painstakingly taking apart furniture I struggled putting together in the first place, coughing, sneezing and counting the number of scratches, cuts, gashes and gouges I have sustained. For what it’s worth I’m currently at 32.

My dad always told me that once you buy a home, you have to make sure it is well maintained, repaired and kept in good order. Not just for aesthetic reasons or my general comfort, but also for insurance purposes. A shoddy home can have a major impact on any claims you can make. I never really understood what he meant by this until I tore back the plasterboard from the wall and discovered that pretty much all of the power outlets in our kitchen were essentially extension cords wired to one point. Aside from the potential dangers this presented, our insurance may not have covered us if the dodgy wiring job caused damage to the home.

So what does this mean? Basically, if you’re about to start a home improvement project, make sure you consult a qualified tradesperson to limit the risk of not being fully insured. You can also read these tips on how to keep your home in good nick.

It’s also a good idea to check your policy and make sure you’re actually covered for what you think you’re covered for. Also, band aids. Lots of band aids.

Have you found any past home improvements with your home that are a little odd?…


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