Welcome to our December “Keeping in Touch”

6 December

As 2022 winds down, we look back on a watershed year: in many areas of life, we have perhaps come to turning points: The low inflation environment turned towards the highest inflation since 1990 in Australia (over 7%) and since 1982 in the US...[Read More]

Welcome to our March “Keeping in Touch”

1 March

We hope that you and your families are well. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are being impacted by the floods and storms ... may support be close when you need it. Although further afield, the people of Ukraine are front of mind as well....[Read More]

Welcome to our August “Keeping in Touch”

6 August

The articles in this edition mirror some of the themes that are prominent in the media at the moment. Low interest rates seem set to continue for some years. This supports growth in businesses, which is flowing through to share markets. However,...[Read More]