Super to shield coffers from pension hit as Aussies age

23 August

Spending on the age pension will decline despite an ageing population, with superannuation savings set to double over the next four decades. The age pension’s cost will drop from 2.3 to two per cent of GDP by the 2060s despite the number of people...[Read More]

Super guarantee contributions due by 28 July

12 July

Remember, super guarantee (SG) contributions for your eligible employees are due by 28 July. Follow Ricky’s story below to learn more about your obligations as an employer. Ricky operates a florist where he hires multiple employees to help manage...[Read More]

Payment change set to boost superannuation by thousands

3 May

Australian workers are set to retire with thousands more in their superannuation accounts thanks to more frequent payments from employers. From July 1, 2026, employers will need to pay super at the same time as wages and salary. The changes will...[Read More]

Accessing your super early may be illegal

19 April

Super funds have an important role to play in maintaining the integrity of the superannuation system by ensuring benefits are not released where the member has not met a condition of release. This includes where a member has requested a rollover to...[Read More]

Women underpaid $1.3 billion in super over a year

29 March

Australian women were underpaid $1.3 billion in superannuation over 12 months thanks to a little-known law from the 1990s. About one in five women did not receive the full amount of superannuation owed to them in the 2019-2020 financial year,...[Read More]

Super gender gap costing women thousands each year

8 March

Working mums will lose thousands of dollars in retirement savings every year the federal government resists paying super on parental leave, new modelling shows. The analysis by industry fund Hesta and Laneway Analytics estimates women have already...[Read More]

Welcome to our October “Keeping in Touch”

3 October

September has seen a return to falling markets ‚Äď both shares and bonds. The recovery in July and the start of August was short-lived. Normally bonds are expected to rise when shares fall, however they have fallen together ‚Äď very seldom has this...[Read More]

A 2021 Budget Update from Financial Springs

12 May

Attached is a good summary of the budget highlights, without the politics. I've highlighted the points that stand out as most important to our clients and your families. Some points: It's been suggested that the extra home care packages...[Read More]

Thinking about self-managed super?

28 January

(ATO)   If you set up a self-managed super fund (SMSF), you’re in charge ‚Äď you make the investment decisions for the fund and you’re held responsible for complying with the super and tax laws. It’s a major financial decision...[Read More]

Choosing a super fund is like picking your perfect match [VIDEO]

30 January

MoneySmart (ASIC) Choosing a super fund is a bit like dating. Pick the right fund and you’ll be set for a long, happy and comfortable life when you retire. Set your sights on the wrong one and you’re in for a world of pain. Here’s...[Read More]

My Comfortable Retirement

3 April

  By¬†Mark Teale¬†¬†¬†Lifestyle,¬†Retirement¬†¬†Australia,¬†Dream,¬†family,¬†Housing,lifestyle What does this mean? Every three months, an organisation known as the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) ¬†produces...[Read More]