Scam alert: Online dating and investment scams

29 February

Last year, financial criminals stole more than $40 million in fake investments from people in Australia through dating websites and social media. These scammers pretend to a real person who wants a relationship with you, spending weeks or months...[Read More]

Research breathes new life into severe asthma treatment

28 February

Australian researchers have discovered a promising approach to create a treatment for severe asthma. Scientists have found a family of proteins called beta common cytokines are responsible for the inflammation and scarring of airways in severe and...[Read More]

Oral bacteria transplants may revolutionise dentistry

21 February

Transplanting bacteria from the mouths of donors with healthy teeth through toothpaste or gel could be the next leap forward in treating tooth decay. The oral microbiome ā€“ the collection of bacteria that naturally occupies the human mouth ā€“...[Read More]

Health technology cracks code for patients and profits

14 February

Health technology breakthroughs are bringing more jobs, a more advanced health system and better outcomes for patients, according to Assistant Minister for Health Ged Kearney. Some 56 new full-time jobs have been created for every $1 million of...[Read More]

ā€˜Chemical fingerprintā€™ developed from gin samples

7 February

Chemists have trialled a new technique that takes a ā€œchemical fingerprintā€ of gin in seconds, which could help producers futureproof their gins and conduct quality control. A team of researchers from Heriot-Watt University worked alongside the...[Read More]

Scam alert: Jobs and ā€˜side hustleā€™ scams

1 February

Background Scammers are using fake job ads to attract job seekers looking for extra income. Of all scam types, jobs and employment scams grew the fastest in 2023, costing Australians $24.7 million. This has almost tripled losses from these scams...[Read More]

New rules warn of AI data poisoning, attacks and theft

25 January

Australian businesses are being warned by the nationā€™s leading cybersecurity organisation about threats to privacy, property and attacks on their operation due to the use of artificial intelligence technology. The Australian Signals Directorate...[Read More]

Subsidy for new treatment of ā€˜national cancerā€™ melanoma

24 January

Australians paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for advanced melanoma treatment could soon see their costs slashed. Every year 20,000 Australians receive a melanoma diagnosis, and every six hours a patient will die from skin cancer. But...[Read More]

Australian scientists help solve mysteries about life

17 January

Australian scientists have precisely dated ancient fossils of sea creatures in Wales and helped solve a mystery about the evolution of life on Earth. Curtin University-led researchers used volcanic ash to determine when the oceans started teeming...[Read More]

Ultra-sensitive radio image of star cluster captured

17 January

Australian astronomers have captured the most sensitive radio image of a ball of tightly-packed stars, known as a globular cluster. The image of 47 Tucanae, the second brightest globular cluster in the night sky, was produced by the Curtin...[Read More]

Social media posts used to find mental health distress

10 January

Social media could be the key to unlocking crucial and improved support for people experiencing mental health issues. James Cook University researchers have developed a technique to analyse social media posts to detect early warning signs of mental...[Read More]

10 ways to reduce your household energy use

4 January

As a homeowner, youā€™re likely aware of the increasing costs associated with household energy consumption. This is why cutting down on energy use can mean big savings. In addition to the financial benefits, reducing electricity use can help to...[Read More]

Re-thinking code from the inside for more accessibility

4 January

The trek to tech central for an annual meet-up of coders isnā€™t all hoodies, snacks and all-night gaming sessions. Blind software engineer Ed Summers recently shared the main stage with other accessibility experts at the annual GitHub Universe...[Read More]

Cyber hackers break into Victorian court recordings

3 January

Victoriaā€™s court system has been hit by a cyber attack, with hackers accessing weeks worth of recorded hearings. Court Services Victoria was first made aware of the infiltration on December 21 but itā€™s believed the audio visual technology...[Read More]

Expecting a delivery during the holiday sales? Stop and think, donā€™t click the link

27 December

Australians are being warned to be alert this holiday season to scammers sending text messages and emails impersonating Australia Post and other well-known courier services. TheĀ National Anti-Scam CentreĀ has seen the number of reports for...[Read More]