Deal to drive discount EV loans for Aussie drivers

27 September

Australia’s biggest bank is partnering with the country’s most popular electric vehicle manufacturer in a bid to speed up adoption of low-emission cars. The Commonwealth Bank announced a deal with Tesla on Wednesday, revealing personal and...[Read More]

Robotics hub could enable self-driving cars and rovers

27 September

A robotics hub that could create technology to help flying taxis, autonomous cars, moon rovers and ships navigate in tricky environments has opened in Sydney. Federal Industry and Science Minister Ed Husic cut the ribbon on the robotics...[Read More]

Activities to try in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond

21 September

Every stage of life offers unique opportunities for personal growth and well-being, both physical and mental. Whether you’re in your 20s or beyond your 50s, there’s always something new to try that can keep you active and mentally stimulated....[Read More]

Electric cars face speed bump on road to price parity

20 September

Electric cars are already cheaper to run than petrol vehicles and will become less expensive to buy than fossil fuel equivalents within three years. According to a report by researchers at the UK’s University of Exeter, price parity for...[Read More]

MG3 hatchback takes out ‘cheapest car to run’ title

13 September

A small car has claimed the title of the cheapest to run in Australia but the price of operating some SUVs has also fallen, a new study shows. Victorian motoring club RACV on Tuesday announced the findings of its Annual Car Running Costs Survey,...[Read More]

Australia smashes new vehicle sales record in August

6 September

Australian motorists have smashed vehicle sales records, snapping up more than 109,000 new cars during one month in a spending spree fuelled by SUVs and utes. New car sales in the month of August soared by more than 15 per cent compared to last...[Read More]

WA building the nation’s longest EV charging network

6 September

Work is under way in Western Australia to build the nation’s longest electric vehicle charging network, stretching over 7000km. When completed, the network will connect Kununurra in the north to Esperance in the south and Eucla in the east, with...[Read More]

Cruise passengers wave goodbye to COVID restrictions

30 August

Cruise ship passengers will be able to sail unimpeded around the country as state leaders scrap COVID-19 restrictions for passengers. The NSW government on Monday formally ended COVID-19 restrictions for passengers in the cruising industry following...[Read More]

Tesla reveals plans to ‘Supercharge’ Australian EV use

30 August

Australian electric vehicle drivers will get a major power boost after Tesla revealed plans to open almost half of its charging stations to cars from other brands. Thirty Tesla Supercharger locations will welcome other vehicles as part of the...[Read More]

Data reveals Australia’s surprise electric car hotspots

16 August

Queensland has been named as a hotspot for electric cars, with the state claiming four of Australia’s top 10 suburbs for the next-generation vehicles. Suburbs in NSW and Canberra also ranked in Australia’s top electric vehicle hubs, with capital...[Read More]

University launches flying car course, no pilots needed

16 August

Australian software engineers will be invited to level up their ambitions with the launch of a course in flying cars. Melbourne based RMIT partnered with Udacity to launch a “nano degree” in the next-generation transport technology on Tuesday in...[Read More]

Why more Australian women are commuting on two wheels

9 August

More women are hiring electric scooters to zip around Australian cities, with research showing female riders are closing the gender gap on their male counterparts. But the ways to appeal to female e-scooters riders appear to be different to male...[Read More]

Up to 250,000 workers could get electric car discount

9 August

As many as 250,000 Australian workers could unlock significant electric vehicle discounts after a change to small business software that will automate car leases. The change, from accounting platform MYOB, could help more than 100,000 businesses...[Read More]

Sparks fly in debate over electric car charger demand

2 August

Australia needs to be more plugged in. That’s the message from some electric vehicle experts, who say the country will need another 28,000 public chargers to be deployed over the next seven years to meet demand for zero-emissions transport. But...[Read More]

Electric vehicle sales double but face long road ahead

2 August

Electric car sales have more than doubled in Australia over the past year as consumers and government policies perform a U-turn on zero-emissions transport technology. But some states and territories are performing significantly better than others,...[Read More]