Welcome to our December “Keeping in Touch”

What a year it has been … one in a hundred or more … literally! Last night’s “Australian Story” on Channel 2 told of the devestation of the 1918–19 Spanish Flu. On the positive side, the courage of the many who put themselves in harm’s way to help their brothers and sisters. One point that the exiting US President might be challenged by: using his naming convention for the current pandemic, the 1918 event should have been labelled the Kansas or US Flu!

I’ve been reading the writings of “My Longevity” founder David Williams, who writes: “As the first Baby Boomers turn 75 this year, the women are living four years longer than expected at birth, and the men 9 years. What’s more, the men (on average) will live another 12 years (according to the Government Actuary) and the women an extra 14. Across both genders, that’s nearly a 30% bonus increase in their expected longevity at birth.

The personal benefits are large. The longer we live, the longer we are likely to live and with less dependency at the end. Managing longevity as well as possible from an earlier age increases our potential to live well, longer and independently.

By seeing longevity as an opportunity rather than a threat, our mindset will be more positive and we will be more creative and active in our communities.”

As we approach 2021, we wish you health and happiness.

Tom, Maria and Kerrie

at Financial Springs


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