Welcome to our April “Keeping in Touch”

Much of tonight’s budget has already been revealed. Apart from the obvious affects it has on our lives and plans, it’s a window into the needs of different parts of Australia. The Yellow crazy ant problem in North Queensland sounds like an issue I’m glad I don’t have to face. The overall economic message is positive and summarized in three figures – an expected surplus in our budget of $4.1 billion; unemployment staying at 5%; forecast growth of 3%. More detail in the Budget article.

It’s surprising how 3 months can affect the performance figures of investments. December 31 reports reflected a really poor period from August till the end of last year. However, the March 31 reports have wiped that poor return period away. It’s a reminder to stay focused on longer term returns – and that the ups and downs of markets are normal.

There are a couple of articles on general insurance – for house and travel. Often times when we’re travelling, or an insurance renewal is due, we’re under time pressure and we pay for the policy but wish we could check it out a little more. So thinking about policy details when you have some time and don’t have to rush, could help you next time you need to pay for a policy – or when you might have a claim to make.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care continues, as does the call for set ratios of nurses and carers to residents. Our aging Australians need and deserve to be a priority.

Hope it’s a great month for you.

Tom, Maria, Veronica and Kerrie

at Financial Springs


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