Welcome to our November “Keeping in Touch”

Good luck for the all who are punting or sweeping in the big race today. This will be the one hundred and fifty-eighth Melbourne Cup …  the tradition going back to the first wins by Archer in 1861 and 1862.  Three other horses have won the race twice (Peter Pan in 1932 & 1934), Rain Lover in 1968 & 1969) and Think Big (1974 & 1975). Only one horse has won 3 times (Makybe Diva from 2003 to 2005).

Recent sharemarket volatility has reminded all of us that markets rise and fall regularly. They rise more than they fall – otherwise there would be no point in having business. It is a reminder to choose an appropriate investment strategy and to stick to it – reviewing it each year to check that nothing in your personal circumstances have changed that would need some revision. One article in this month’s news by Shane Oliver (“Are shares expensive?”), also reminds us that trying to pick when the sharemarket will fall is like gambling. Leave the gambling to the Cup.

Recently, all of us at Financial Springs have been reminded personally of the third stage of retirement – when fraility takes over and increased care is required. The Royal Commission into Aged Care will hopefully set Australia up for now and future decades, as a country where our elders are valued and given the same level of care as our children. The call by the Nurses Association in NSW for ratios of Carers to Aged Care residents (similar to that in Childcare or even on school excursions), seems so logical. Let’s hope that Australia can be called both the Caring as well as the Lucky Country.

Hoping that you have much to celebrate.

Tom, Maria, Veronica and Kerrie

at Financial Springs


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