Welcome to our August “Keeping in Touch”

The articles in this edition mirror some of the themes that are prominent in the media at the moment.

Low interest rates seem set to continue for some years. This supports growth in businesses, which is flowing through to share markets. However, the risk for some retirees is that they chase higher returns and end up with a portfolio that is riskier than they would normally choose. As sure as night follows day, share market corrections follow rises. Taking an appropriate amount of risk means being prepared for the expected amount of the next fall and not wanting to sell out of the assets when that fall arrives.

We keep focused on the Aged Care Royal Commission and the  Report to be delivered by October 31. There are many stories of great results for residents in Aged Care. However, every system can be improved, and greater staffing levels of qualified, well paid carers is is very important.

Wishing you a good month ahead.

Tom, Maria, Veronica and Kerrie

at Financial Springs


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