Reducing your risk of Dementia

2 May

Adapted from an article by Dr Evelyn Lewin GP, Sun-Herald, 30 April, 2023. Australian GP Ginni Mansberg is keen to keep her brain as sharp as possible for as long as possible and hopefully reduce her risk of dementia. While there are certain risk...[Read More]

Financial management when a loved one dies

23 February

Losing a loved one is probably one of the most stressful events one will ever go through in life. It will leave you feeling distraught and devastated, so sorting out their finances is the last thing you’d be concerned about. It could be...[Read More]

Staying fit and active ‘best way to stave off dementia’

22 February

Staying active throughout adulthood could help stave off dementia though even smaller bouts of exercise may help, British research suggests. A long-term study found that people who exercise as they age are more likely to have good brain health than...[Read More]

Aged Care data not inaccurate: minister

21 December

Aged Care Minister Anika Wells is defending the new aged care star rating system against criticism it should be pulled down, accusing the coalition of trying to undermine transparency and drag the sector back into “darkness”. The opposition says...[Read More]

3 Tips to Maximise Your Age Pension

10 November

Over two million seniors rely on the Age Pension for retirement income, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). Currently, you can start receiving the pension at age 66.5, but by the middle of 2023, you’ll need to be 67...[Read More]

Caring for Someone in an Aged Care Home

13 October

Your role as a carer does not necessarily end if the person you’re looking after moves to an aged care home. Even after moving them into a care facility, you might still spend a lot of time there, providing care and giving them company. However,...[Read More]

Older renters being forced into aged care

15 September

Older Australian renters are being pushed prematurely into aged care due to high costs, insecurity and insufficient quality of housing, a new report has found. A national survey of 500 people aged over 50 conducted by Anglicare Australia found...[Read More]

A 2021 Budget Update from Financial Springs

12 May

Attached is a good summary of the budget highlights, without the politics. I've highlighted the points that stand out as most important to our clients and your families. Some points: It's been suggested that the extra home care packages...[Read More]

Welcome to our September “Keeping in Touch”

3 September

Have you wondered what all the talk about QE means? There is an excellent article by Dr Shane Oliver (AMP Capital) which explains low interest rates, QE and possible Government policy. It affects savers, borrowers and our superannuation...[Read More]

Welcome to our August “Keeping in Touch”

6 August

The articles in this edition mirror some of the themes that are prominent in the media at the moment. Low interest rates seem set to continue for some years. This supports growth in businesses, which is flowing through to share markets. However,...[Read More]

Welcome to our April “Keeping in Touch”

2 April

Much of tonight's budget has already been revealed. Apart from the obvious affects it has on our lives and plans, it's a window into the needs of different parts of Australia. The Yellow crazy ant problem in North Queensland sounds like an issue I'm...[Read More]

Welcome to our February “Keeping in Touch”

5 February

Yesterday's release of the Royal Commission's Report into Financial Services and Banking will hopefully bring renewal and well-founded trust into this vital part of our lives. It was amazing to hear anyone say that it was time to put customers'...[Read More]

Welcome to our May “Keeping in Touch” 

2 May

As we celebrated Anzac Day last week and the 75th Anniversary of the "Battle of the Coral Sea" this week, it's a perfect time to reflect on the sacrifices that have built our nation. We owe so much to our previous generations who've built and...[Read More]